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In 2001, First Solar US produced the very first commercial-sized Cadmium-Telluride (CdTe) solar module in human history. Ever since, the company went onto a rally to become the world largest thin-film solar module manufacturer, the largest EPC provider, and one of the best-performed public companies during the last recession. The tremendous success that First Solar has achieved over the past 2 decades is a living testimony that CdTe thin-film PV technology for the massive production can offer very unique values to its end-user and cannot be easily surpassed by other PV technologies. Then, a question was raised: Can China, "the world factory" synthesizes such advanced technology with its very own unique characteristics such as less-costing equipments and manpower, and offers highly efficient, highly stable and highly cost-effective thin-film solar modules to the global market?

Professor Xuanzhi Wu, is one of the top scientists in PV researching field worldwide. In 2001, he and his team created a CdTe thin-film cell with efficiency 16.7% and set a new world record. This record had been held for over a decade. Mr. Ben Wu, an expert in Business Management and Administration, served as the executive assistant to the chairman of China’s largest personal computer manufacturer – Lenovo during its acquisition of IBM PC business between the year of 2006 and 2008. In May, 2008 Professor Wu and Mr. Wu, accompanied by their colleagues founded Advanced Solar Power (Hangzhou) INC. (ASP) in Hangzhou City of China. And since the beginning, ASP held one but only one goal, to answer that question.

Three and half years later, at the end of 2011, ASP R&D team did not only finish building the company’s first experimental line, and the first pilot line, but also created the core technologies and equipments for the massive production of CdTe modules in their cutting-edge laboratory. After thousands rounds of experiments, a fully automatic production line that is capable of producing 1.2m×0.6m CdTe thin-film PV modules at an annual yield of 30 Mega Watts has turned to reality. The production line was built entirely upon ASP's proprietary, innovative CdTe module production technologies. In the meantime, every piece of machinery in this unique production line was built by the finest manufacturers in China. This single fact gives ASP's CdTe thin-film modules an advantage in the production cost at the early stage. Yet, ASP did not stop its effort to optimize the production process and equipments to improve both the product quality and productivity of the line. In fact, such effort has only been more emphasized on since the day that the production line successfully produced CdTe thin-film modules in its very first trial run. As of today, the average efficiency of ASP modules is above 12.6%, the average output is 85 Watts. Nowadays, ASP owns 5 main product lines: ASP-S1, ASP-S2, ASP-S4, ASP-ST1 and ASP-ST2. Among them, both ASP-S1 and ASP-S2 have been tested and certified by TUV Nord for EU, UL for North America, CEC for Australia and Golden Sun for China. In both ASP experimental power stations and a number of third-party real-life projects global-wide, ASP CdTe thin-film PV modules have shown a consistent excelling performance: about 5-10% higher than Crystalline Silicon modules in year-round power generation. As of today, ASP's thin-film module products have already been shipped to 33 countries and received highly positive remarks from their users for the exceptional exterior appearances, power generation performance, and the last but not the least, the high cost-effectiveness. 

In 2011, BIPV a “Blue-sea” in the photovoltaic application market has caught ASP’s attention. Ever since, ASP has devoted considerably amount of researching effort in designing and producing thin-film PV modules that can meet codes and regulations in the construction business. Today, PV modules with built-in insulation layer, PV-thermal-in-one modules, double-pane modules, large modules (larger than standard 0.72m2 module ) are all for the same purpose - BIPV. In fact, ASP clients are empowered to make customizations in transparency, dimension, shape, background color and even patterns of modules. The goal is simple: In near future, with ASP's BIPV products’ help, buildings and homes around the world will achieve seamlessly-integrated-renewable-energy-smartness. Innovation is the lasting goal of ASP. And with pride and honor, the ASP and its team are dedicated to join the ever-lasting quest that generates the “energy for a brighter future.”